Powerful Partnerships

Video Series

Powerful Partnerships is an original video series that I created with the goal of discovering the secrets behind what makes the power of two so successful. I produced and hosted the series, creating my own questions that I felt would bring out the best answers from my interviewees and would be most interesting for the viewer.

This is a teaser trailer for the pilot episode of the series.

In Dialogue With Helen Mirren & Susan Sarandon

Video Interviews

These videos were created to promote the charitable organization Think Equal and brought together film icons Helen Mirren and Susan Sarandon. I co-produced these videos, and provided additional lines of questioning to bring forth thoughtful answers from both of our talented subjects.

UN Women

Event coverage / highlight reel

I had the privilege of documenting the UN Women 2016 event in Vancouver. I had access to each of the keynote speakers and held video interviews with each of them throughout the event. Below is a highlight reel of the event, as well as a singular interview I held with musician Bif Naked.

Nisha Speaks at the United Nations

Live Public address

This video captures the speech I gave at the United Nations in New York. The event was part of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and provided me the opportunity to speak to a global audience about a topic I’m passionate about.

My talk was focused on the power of storytelling, women, and working in partnership. I also touched base on the work that my company, Kharé Communications, has been doing over the past decade.


Photo & video shoots

Here are some examples of various video shoots I’ve been part of, many of which I have directed personally.

I’ve modelled and collaborated with fashion brands such as CityLux, Frontrvnners, OohLaLa Kids, and more.

Innovative Fitness

Acting / Commercial

I played a role in this commercial for Innovative Fitness where I acted as a fitness model in a variety of scenes. This was a fun shoot as I not only got to act in front of the camera, but I got in a great workout, too!

Behind the scenes, I acted as director and producer for this commercial and a series of others we created for this company. I helped to develop the storyboard and concept behind these videos, working to create a dynamic final product that would portray Innovative Fitness in a strong and engaging way.


Social Media

I’ve created a wide variety of lifestyle-focused videos for social media consumption. Around the holidays, I often direct and produce short videos to highlight my love of family and festivities.

These are a couple examples of the kind of content you might find on my social media profiles.

Directorial Projects

Misc Projects as Director

Below are a few samples of projects that I have directed and produced in the past.

Darpan Magazine

Live event hosting

I have acted as a television host during the Darpan Magazine events in 2017 & 2018.

The event is a fun evening of well-dressed guests coming to celebrate their accomplishments, and I interviewed many of them to capture candid moments on camera. The event is also a good way for me to practice my live interviewing skills in a fast-paced environment.

For more examples of work not listed here, please feel free to contact me for additional samples.